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Gallery Folders

Mi Amore by BallJointedPony
Starglow the Glowing Star pegasus Gen.1 to Gen.4 by The-Clockwork-Crow
Fizzy Figurine by kaikaku
Bluebelle and baby Peeks by iluvchedda
The Original-Original Ponies
Twilight and G1 Twilight by AdagioDazzle13
MLP - Cotton Candy by AngelaCross
Butterscotch by kaikaku
Original 6 Charms by kicked-in-teeth
The Original Mane 6
The G1 Mane 6 by Applejack-1982
The Original Earth Ponies
The innocent and friendly Applejack by Applejack-1982
Artistic pony style by me - Applejack by Applejack-1982
Artistic pony style by me - Posey by Applejack-1982
Contact with the nature by Applejack-1982
The Original Pegasus Ponies
Pegasus Gen3 by Wrath-MarionPhauna
pegasus girls by sorry-ooo
Flying lessons by kicked-in-teeth
Artistic pony style by me - Surprise by Applejack-1982
The Original Unicorn Ponies
My little Pony - Gusty by Flicksi
Artistic pony style by me - Twilight by Applejack-1982
Artistic pony style by me - Sparkler by Applejack-1982
Gusty by Sugarcup91
G1 characters in FiM style
Space  pony: Star hopper II by Wrath-MarionPhauna
mlp plushie commission KarRedRoses completed by CINNAMON-STITCH
Fluff and Feathers by KarRedRoses
It's Been Years! by KarRedRoses
G1 Ponies in G2, G3, or G3.5
Ice Crystal x Winter Snow by Ini-Inayah
G1 to G3 Cupcake by SilverMoonbreeze
Glory and Kimono by hollowzero
Rosedust by lovelauraland
G4, G3.5, G3, or G2 in G1 style
My little Pony Custom G1 Queen Chrysalis by BerryMouse
G1 Ditzy Doo by Sombraluz-Images
G3 - G1 Baby Minty by SilverMoonbreeze
Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody G1 style by Little-Horrorz
Megan and Fizzy by bLaZiNgDuCk
Megan by jbsdesigns
My Little Tickles by Yet-One-More-Idiot
Megan in her outfit from the pilot by ZeldaTheSwordsman
Chibi G1 Ponies
Valentine's boyfriend by Maleiva
MLP - Sweetheart Anthro Pony Girl by Joakaha
Pony Treats by kubo
The Real Karen and Mikey Ponies by KarRedRoses
Once we were by Hohtis
Once we were | WALLPAPER version (1920x1080) by Hohtis
Shy by BallJointedPony
My little Pony Custom Pina Colada by Flicksi
MLP Surprise sculpt by kaikaku
MLP G1 Lickety Split Italian Variant by GraphicPlanetDesigns
Sitting Gusty MLP Sculpt by kaikaku
International Ponies
Eighties Hair by KarRedRoses
Look On The Bright Side by KarRedRoses
All MLP G1 pony toys that I have by Applejack-1982
My Little Pony: Mountain Boys Sunburst and Firebal by gothicsugar
MLP Movie and TV show characters and scenes
ABC Nostalgia Villains - T by Gallerica
Christmas is here by Soch-Chy
MLP - Knightshade Jackson by Parlinten
firefly and medley by otakuangelx
The Original 10th Anniversary Ponies
Pony Bride by Ushi-de-Bray
Pony Bride by Ushi-de-Bray
Pony Bride by Ushi-de-Bray
The Original Baby Dragons
Original Spike Dragon by Wael-sa
Classic Spike by TwinTwosGirl
G1 Baby Dragons Pile by TwinTwosGirl
The Original Baby Ember
I Could Have Made It by Lunamoth89
pony fight by CosmicUnicorn
MLP Baby Embers by MoogleyMog
Ember the Legendary by ThisCrispyKat
The Original Baby Ponies
I want to be a Dolphin! by SpiritedLittlePony
My little pony - Baby Bows by Flicksi
My little Pony - Baby Gusty by Flicksi
Baby Firefly by Szarlotki
The Original Baby Pony Friends
Cuteasaurus MLP by MyPrettyPony
The Original Birthflower Ponies
The Original Big Brothers
Umm... What do I do now? by StalliAnna
My little Pony - Tex - ACEO by Flicksi
100 Ponies - Salty by CassidyPeterson
Day 26 - Barnacle Finds Treasure by hollowzero
The Original Brush 'n Grow Ponies
Bouquet by Penanggalan
Skylark and Glittering Gem by NormaLeeInsane
Brilliant Bloom by NormaLeeInsane
The Original Bushwoolies
MLP FiM: The Bushwoolies by KessieLou
The Original Candy Cane Ponies
100 Ponies - Caramel by CassidyPeterson
Mollasses by kicked-in-teeth
Candy canes by kicked-in-teeth
100 Ponies - Cotton Candy by CassidyPeterson
The Original Christmas Ponies
Merry Xmas...right? by SilverMoonbreeze
The Original Dream Beauties Ponies
The Original Families
100 Ponies - Sweet by CassidyPeterson
My Little Pony Cherries by Snuzzle
Applejack little family by Gosseta
Apple Delight Babies running through the forest by Flicksi
The Original Flutter Ponies
Peach Blossom by KarRedRoses
Grazing in the Grass by KarRedRoses
Yum Yum g1 flutter pony by gothicsugar
RoseDust by otakuangelx
The Original Glow 'n Show Ponies
Starglow the Glowing Star pegasus Gen.1 to Gen.4 by The-Clockwork-Crow
MLP: G1 - Starglow by jenasu
MLP Bright Glow by MoogleyMog
MLP Happy Glow by MoogleyMog
The Original Magic Message Ponies
The Original Merry-Go-Round Ponies
Untitled by Ushi-de-Bray
Tassels and Brillant Blossom by Ushi-de-Bray
T'n'BB by Ushi-de-Bray
The Original Perfume Puff Ponies
Jim Henson bench, Central Park NYC by KarRedRoses
MLP Lavender Lace 2 by MoogleyMog
The Original Play Set Ponies
Kickback Annoys Scoops by ZeldaTheSwordsman
EPIC Pony Display 1 by Chargal4
100 Ponies - Sundae by CassidyPeterson
MLP G1 Adult Playset Ponies by MoogleyMog
The Original Precious Pocket Ponies
The Original Pretty Pals
The Original Pretty Mane Ponies
The Original Pretty Ponies
Pony size from other generations by Faerie-StarV
My Pretty Pony 1981 by Faerie-StarV
The Original Princess Ponies
ACEO/ATC - G1 Princess Ponies by suzie-chan
Princess Tiffany G1 MLP by enchantress41580
Evening Stroll by LarraChersan
MLP Princess Tiffany B Gif001 by MoogleyMog
The Original Rockin' Beat Ponies
Are You Ready To Rock? by ClemiKinkajou
The Original Rainbow Ponies
My little Pony - Tickle (2) by Flicksi
My little Pony - Tickle by Flicksi
sunlight, starshine, moondance by ponymonster
OLD G1 Starshine001 by RainWaterfallsZone
The Original Rainbow Curl Ponies
Ringlets Umbrella by kicked-in-teeth
Ringlet by PlNKlE
MLP Streaky 2 Gif001 by MoogleyMog
Ringlets by LarraChersan
The Original Sea Ponies
ATC: Whitecap by SpiritedLittlePony
Floating by stealthclaw96
Saved from drowning by ZeldaTheSwordsman
MLP Sea Ponies 2 by Sphinx47
The Original Secret Surprise Beauty Ponies
The Original Summer Winged Ponies
Sky Dancer by KarRedRoses
Glow -- MD meet sale piece by MustBeJewel
MLP Restore: Highflier by SD-DreamCrystal
Highflier and Flutter by SD-DreamCrystal
The Original Sundae Best Ponies
ACEO - Coco Berry by AnnieMsson
MLP Swirly Whirly Gif002 by MoogleyMog
Peppermint Crunch by Z1aR0
The Original Sun Shine Ponies
Pony Family - Beachball by hollowzero
MLP Shoreline by MoogleyMog
Sunshine Ponies by NormaLeeInsane
The Original So Soft Ponies
100 Ponies - Pretzel by CassidyPeterson
Wind Whistler by GlitterClamOpera
My little pony G1 Cupcake by Joakaha
So Soft Truly by PlNKlE
The Original Sparkle Ponies
Sunspot Rehair by noelle23
Star Hopper by NormaLeeInsane
The Original Sundance
Sundance and butterflies by kaikaku
The Original Sweetberry Ponies
100 Ponies - Pie by CassidyPeterson
down Cherry Treats - scetch by Chelidoni
The Original Sweetheart Sister Ponies
Spring Song by skies-aloft
Sweetheart Sister Ponies Spring Song by dorii86
The Original Sweetsteps Ballerinas
Ballet Forever by wylf
The Original Tropical Ponies
Tropical Snowflakes by Flicksi
Tropical Sea Breeze by kicked-in-teeth
The Original Twice as Fancy Ponies
Night Glider by Tentauncool
Lollipop by MissLocoloca
Night Glider and the Galaxy by Szarlotki
Night Glider by Szarlotki
The Original Twinkle Eyed Ponies
G1 - Fizzy by ScarabDynasty1
Happy 4th from Ponyland by ZeldaTheSwordsman
Galaxy by kicked-in-teeth
Galaxy by Szarlotki
The Original Windy Winged Ponies
Starry Wings by KarRedRoses
Winter Wonderland by SpiritedLittlePony
A Windy Wing Pony by G3RainbowDash
The Original Merchandise
Stuff that I bought from MLP Con by Faerie-StarV
MLP Lesbians are Canon (Pre G4) by StarryOak
1984 My Little Pony Plates-cup by SailorUsagiChan
Close up MLP plate 2 by SailorUsagiChan
OC Ponies in G1 style
My little dala by Kasipallo
Happy Birthday Applejack-1982 by Ayakemono
Dancing Lights by skies-aloft
Blue Hawaiian by skies-aloft
G1 Fanfic
Past The Telescope: Page 28 by systemcat
Humanized G1 Ponies
bowtie humanised by princessofcoffee
cherry treats humanized by princessofcoffee
Fizzy by Voxel-Loves-You
Christmas SURPRISE! by Szarlotki
Miscellaneous Fanart and Such
Sparkler at the Feria de Abril on Sevilla by Applejack-1982
Among the clouds by kicked-in-teeth
Light of Fire and Bubbles of Water by Ayakemono
Commissions Open! by LilWolfStudios
Ponified Characters
Megan's Ascension by ZeldaTheSwordsman
Megan shopping by ZeldaTheSwordsman
Role Play Outfits Accessories etc.
G1 Night Glider Outfit - My Little Pony Fair 2016 by KarRedRoses
Hitting the Spot (Brushie, brushie!) by KarRedRoses
Bubbles and Baitlicious by KarRedRoses
MLP G3 Firefly Pony Horse by AtalontheDeer
My little pony G1 Fan button by SunsetMajka626
Twilight Stamp by StalliAnna
Support old MLP Generations by SoraRoyals77
PonyLove gif by Voodoo-Tiki

Group Info

Dedicated to the original MLPs of the 1980s!! :D
This group's submissions are all based on the information from the book The World of My Little Pony by Debra L. Birge, published in 2000, and anything else has self-explanatory folders. :)
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Feb 23, 2012


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Please don't request my artwork. My artwork is waiting approval, and I beg you to accept it that goes to the right folder. Do you understand me?
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Where it all started.
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Where would one submit a picture of a playset to?
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6dash9dash95 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015
No those are official. G1 refer to the 1980s MLP. G2 are 1990s. G3 are the 2000s. G4 is now. The G is for Generation. It helps whoever is talking or whoever is listening to know which generation pony is being talked about. For example, Apple Jack has been in around since G1. She wasn't a G2 pony, though. G2 was an awkward stage. But I loved it. Anyways. Yeah. I feel like I did a horrible job of explaining this. Did I help at all??
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